Healthitology is the brainchild of Sandi Gordon, leadership consultant, strategic interventionist, and executive coach. Sandi has consulted with thousands of executives and their teams, from Fortune 50 communications corporations, healthcare systems and practices, multinational law firms, insurance corporations, to micro-businesses. image

Dr. Bob Gordon is a clinical psychologist, most recently serving Soldiers who have been diagnosed with PTSD, who has spent 40 years helping thousands of people understand themselves and others for happier, more successful, more fulfilling lives.

Their extensive background and experience gives cross-industry perspective for the most pressing problems of today. Proven frameworks accelerate results in personal development as well as workplace development, in conflict resolution, rapid team engagement, elevating influence, building community, and work-life balance. We get significant results for and with our clients. Both Sandi and Bob have volunteered in numerous capacities in personal development, facilitation, and improving mental health.

Healthitology is focused on growth and contribution to the world, and gives 20% of all profits to non-profit and for-profit organizations focused on helping people help themselves:  www.worldteacheraid.org, www.kiva.org, www.charitywater.org, and www.toms.com.